Why should you use pay per click advertising?

Many businesses do not utilise the full potential of pay per click advertising (PPC). Because it is one of the fastest and most flexible ways to advertise, it can be used in many different ways. Here are 10 scenarios when using PPC advertising can help make your business more successful.

1. Launching A New Product or Service?

Pay per click advertising can drive qualified prospects to your website immediately. It is one of the fastest ways to generate targeted visitors to your new offering. With PPC you’re able to start selling your product as soon as it’s available. PPC advertising is fast and can be adjusted and optimised immediately.

2. About To Invest In SEO?

If you haven’t started SEO (search engine optimization) yet, PPC is a great way to determine which keywords generate the most sales for you and is the fastest way to find out which keywords convert best for you. This information can then be used in your SEO campaign to focus on establishing rankings for the most profitable keywords specific to your business.

3. Already Investing in SEO?

If you’re already investing in an SEO campaign, pay per click advertising can be a profitable add-on. PPC can drive qualified prospects to your website from keywords that you haven’t achieved top rankings for yet. PPC can also increase the share of traffic you are receiving from keywords you have a top ranking for – a top SEO ranking for a specific keyword might send 30% of the total available search volume to your website; pay per click advertising can increase your overall share of that targeted traffic even further.

4. Just Launched A New Website?

Have you just launched a new website but haven’t received any visitors yet? Pay per click advertising is one of the fastest and most flexible ways to generate targeted traffic to your new website. PPC will also help determine your new website’s effectiveness (ie conversion rate).

5. Need To Improve Your Online Performance?

Pay per click advertising is one of the best methods of testing every part of your online marketing strategy. Using PPC you can test design elements on your website, your pricing strategy and your marketing message. PPC will generate the necessary traffic and provide you with statistically significant data to be able to make informed decisions.

6. Do You Have A Product People Are NOT Searching For?

If you’re launching a new product that people don’t know about yet, it’s unlikely that there will be any search volume on search engines for this product. Using PPC you can run advertising campaigns on the Google display network by running banners and text ads on websites your prospects visit. With PPC you can promote your new product to your target market as fast as possible even if no one is actively searching for it yet.

7. Are You Considering Expanding To New Countries?

If so, pay per click advertising is a great way to test the waters. It offers the opportunity to drive qualified prospects from other countries to your website. With PPC you’ll be able to test the demand and profitability of your new market with limited risk and expenses.

8. Are You Creating A New Product?

Do you have a product idea or want to find out the demand for a product? Pay per click advertising allows you to do this, quickly. You can send qualified prospects from PPC to surveys to find out more about your potential customers and assess the demand for your product idea. And you can also send qualified prospects to a mini-site where they can pre-register for a product you’re thinking about launching soon.

9. Can’t Decide On A Product Name?

Just run a PPC campaign and test the different product names in the headline of the ads. The one which gets the highest click through rate is your winner. You can also test your product name with a website split test. Two pages with the same product but different product names would be split tested against each other; the one that produces the most sales is the winner.

10. Does Seasonality Affect Sales?

Most businesses face times during the year when demand slows down and sales decrease. Pay per click advertising is a great way to counteract these seasonality effects throughout the year. PPC is flexible and can be applied as needed.

If you aren’t yet running a pay per click advertising campaign then seriously consider it. It can be one of the most profitable advertising channels available.


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