How to scale up a company in today’s world

In this episode we talk with Verne Harnish about how to scale up a company in today’s world.


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Hosted by Alex Cleanthous.


  • 00:00:57 Verne Harnish’s introduction to the Growth Manifesto Podcast.
  • 00:01:29 Verne talks about pricing and why he feels business owners should focus more on it.
  • 00:03:02 When it comes to pricing, people are not logical. They are psychological.
  • 00:05:44 Verne discusses the “Good-Better-Best Approach to Pricing”.
  • 00:07:32 Marketing strategy equals strategy & how most Founders & CEOs are their company’s default Chief Marketing Officers.
  • 00:08:29 Go after the customers who value what you bring to the table and use pricing to sort that out.
  • 00:12:52 How would you approach pricing your proposal strategy to potential clients?
  • 00:14:12 Verne talks about the complex sale and how it requires strong marketing support.
  • 00:17:32 At what point should a company start considering pricing strategy?
  • 00:20:27 According to Verne, you need both quantitative and qualitative data to guide your company forward.
  • 00:25:28 In a Business-to-Business transaction, you may be selling to one person but your service will affect around hundreds.
  • 00:28:09 How would you approach prospective companies that you would like to sell your service to?
  • 00:31:33 Verne discusses what you should be focusing on in the different stages of your business scaling from $0 to $100 million.
  • 00:36:29 Why process improvement is critical in terms of scaling up according to Verne.
  • 00:40:27 According to Verne, staff size is a key driver when you need to make certain changes in a company that’s scaling.
  • 00:42:12 What are some of the characteristics of the leaders who succeed at scaling from $10 million to $100 million.
  • 00:49:24 What advice would you give to companies that are trying to find out the best business approach to succeed in our unpredictable world right now?
  • 00:52:44 What are the characteristics of companies that win in our current environment?

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