How the Winklevoss twins are building a blockchain empire

This episode is a discussion with Tyler Winklevoss – Co-Founder and CEO at Gemini, Principal and investor at Winklevoss Capital, Olympic rower, and one of the early investors in Bitcoin. We talk about why Bitcoin is having such a good run right now, where it’s going in the future, how they launched and grew their cryptocurrency exchange, and their investment philosophy at Winklevoss capital.


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Hosted by Alex Cleanthous.


  • 00:00:59 Tyler Winklevoss’ introduction to the Growth Manifesto Podcast
  • 00:01:31 What Tyler saw and learned during the early days of Bitcoin
  • 00:03:30 Is Bitcoin a currency or a commodity?
  • 00:05:41 How Tyler feels that Bitcoin is actually better at being gold than gold
  • 00:09:45 Tyler discusses the book “Sapiens” and the “imagined fictions” that man creates including money for currency
  • 00:13:31 Why is Bitcoin a fixed supply and limited at 21 million?
  • 00:15:01 Why do you think Bitcoin is having such a big run right now?
  • 00:17:46 Tyler talks about the early volatile nature of Bitcoin and how it rewards the risk-takers and early adopters
  • 00:20:49 What are other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin that people should be looking at?
  • 00:24:37 What do you say to the challenge that there’s too much demand for what Ethereum can actually handle?
  • 00:26:46 Which blockchain would be Ethereum’s biggest threat?
  • 00:29:12 How did you get the idea for Gemini as a crypto exchange and how did it start?
  • 00:37:45 How did you get that initial traction from when Gemini launched?
  • 00:42:47 How were you able to handle the massive growth of Gemini at around 2016-2017 when the whole world came onto it?
  • 00:48:16 Tyler tells us about Winklevoss Capital and the kinds of companies they invest in
  • 00:53:51 Outside of Blockchain, what are some of the biggest trends you’ve seen for the future that you’re excited about and possibly would like to invest in?
  • 00:58:50 If you could do it all over again, what would you have done differently when you first started working on cryptocurrency and Gemini?
  • 01:00:47 Quickfire Questions with Tyler Winklevoss
  • 01:16:06 Tyler explains how Gemini works for people who want to get into cryptocurrency
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