Growing a brand from $25M to $190M revenue in 4 years with Aussie Brandband’s Matthew Kusi-Appauh

This episode is a discussion with Matthew Kusi-Appauh – General Manager Marketing & Corporate Strategy at Aussie Broadband. We talk about how they grew from $25m to $190m in annual revenue in 4 years, and lessons along the way.


  • 00:00:10 Matthew’s Introduction to The Growth Manifesto Podcast
  • 00:01:42 The challenge of helping Aussie Broadband double its revenue 4 years straight
  • 00:04:16 How Matthew helped figure out Aussie Broadband’s Direct Mail Strategy
  • 00:06:41 How Aussie Broadband tested their Direct Mail Strategy
  • 00:09:48 How has the tracking for testing the strategy changed over the years?
  • 00:11:11 How has the marketing strategy changed in Aussie Broadband over time?
  • 00:13:45 How Aussie Broadband got more market share without overspending
  • 00:16:05 Aussie Broadband approaches cost per sale by channel
  • 00:18:44 How Aussie Broadband approached “Above-The-Line” marketing
  • 00:22:42 Something that is imperfect is still far better than nothing at all
  • 00:24:08 How Matthew is thinking about what’ll happen next for Aussie Broadband
  • 00:26:20 The biggest marketing lessons that Matthew has learned along the way
  • 00:28:53 How did Aussie Broadband adapt to the demand of better internet service thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • 00:35:05 How many hours a day was Matthew working around the start of the pandemic?
  • 00:36:48 If you have a great product, the marketing just becomes so much easier.
  • 00:38:54 The history of Aussie Broadband’s marketing team
  • 00:46:34 What’s the hiring process for the marketing team?
  • 00:49:48 What’s next for Aussie Broadband?


You’re listening to the 2020 Marketing Series on The Growth Manifesto Podcast, a Zoom video series brought to you by Webprofits where we talk about how to drive business and marketing success through the rest of 2020.

Hosted by Alex Cleanthous.

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