How visual artists can use digital to build a business around their art

This episode is with Marine Tanguy, CEO of MTArt Agency – the first global talent agency for visual artists. Marine was awarded the Forbes 30 under 30 in 2018, was awarded UK entrepreneur of the year for the 2019 NatWest Everywoman Awards, and has delivered two TED Talks: one on how to transform cities with art (2017), and another on how social media visuals affects our minds (2018). In this episode we talk about how visual artists can use the power of digital to build a business around their art.


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Hosted by Alex Cleanthous.


  • 00:01:28 Marine Tanguy’s introduction to the Growth Manifesto Podcast
  • 00:02:31 Why did you choose to join the visual art industry?
  • 00:04:13 Marine talks about conveying principles in ways that can bring everyone together behind them
  • 00:06:49 What made you decide to create an agency for artists?
  • 00:10:14 How do artists traditionally promote themselves?
  • 00:12:57 Marine discusses how social media has impacted how artists promote their work and gain an audience
  • 00:14:40 Marine explains the 4 arms her agency utilises to build up their artists
  • 00:17:28 How Marine’s agency is disrupting the traditional way art is distributed
  • 00:18:58 How can artists make money these days?
  • 00:21:33 Marine goes into detail how her agency functions and how it can support artists as well
  • 00:26:54 What does an artist’s marketing strategy look like?
  • 00:30:16 Marine touches on how hustle and pushing too hard can sometimes still be looked down upon
  • 00:33:35 Marine believes the depiction of the ‘starving artist’ is not true and that ‘art for art’s sake’ is not feasible
  • 00:39:06 What makes a great artist?
  • 00:41:50 When it comes to talent, Marine looks for people who are smart and driven
  • 00:45:37 What are the things that artists need to be doing so that they will be taken seriously and stand out?
  • 00:47:55 Where do you suggest aspiring artists host their portfolio?
  • 00:49:25 Marine talks about how she and her team approach the possibility of working with an artist that already has a big following
  • 00:52:19 What is your ultimate goal for your artists?
  • 00:55:55 Marine talks about how their main goal as a company is not financial but more to leave an impact in the visual sector along with their artists
  • 00:59:33 How do artists apply to your agency?
  • 01:01:46 What is the one thing you’d like the listeners of this podcast to do?

Adrian Clark

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