Collaboration between teams with Corporate Fitness Services Lex Dwyer

This episode is a discussion with Lex Dwyer – a business strategist with more than 38 years experience helping companies drive improved performance. We talk about how companies can leverage collaboration between teams, divisions or departments to drive growth at the company level.


    • 00:00:05 Lex’s Introduction to The Growth Manifesto Podcast
    • 00:02:48 Defining Collaboration
    • 00:04:49 Lex discusses his collaboration workshops
    • 00:07:38 How do you go about getting teams to collaborate despite our competitive nature?
    • 00:11:28 What kind of reward system works for collaborations?
    • 00:14:38 You need to be able to see how you contribute to your own success and how you can help make others better
    • 00:15:58 Where should the rewards for collaboration go?
    • 00:18:27 Collaboration is a T-based thinking process.
    • 00:22:17 Can collaboration start on any level of the company?
    • 00:24:32 How do you make someone believe that they can progress in a corporation via collaboration?
    • 00:27:03 There are steps along the way to help people understand what the bigger picture is in terms of collaborating.
    • 00:29:13 Lex gives an example of how collaboration helps teams succeed.
    • 00:32:45 Figure out what the reward needs to be so people can align their actions to it and have shared accountability.
    • 00:34:40 Does a 360 degree review help in terms of collaboration?
    • 00:36:30 Lex talks about experiences people go through in his collaboration workshops.
    • 00:38:38 The Jenga game.
    • 00:42:30 Be careful of the game you think you’re playing because if it’s not the real game, you’ll end up doing something that’s not very good.
    • 00:43:49 Collaboration leads to Innovation
    • 00:45:53 How do you change your mindset to stop competing so much and help you collaborate better?
    • 00:49:11 The more we think about the way we see the network of relationships and the way we see a completely different result, more good ideas start popping up.
    • 00:53:18 Collaboration can become a contagion
    • 00:55:24 How competition affects large-scale businesses and how collaboration can help
    • 00:59:19 How to get in touch with Lex


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