How to use Jordan Belfort’s sales system to close big deals

This episode is with Jordan Belfort (the wolf of wall street) – the World’s #1 Sales Trainer, Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Creator of the Straight Line Sales System. In this episode we talk about how to close big deals using Jordan Belfort’s sales strategy.


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Hosted by Alex Cleanthous.


  • 00:00:40 Jordan Belfort’s introduction to the Growth Manifesto Podcast
  • 00:01:06 Jordan explains the Straight Line System, the key parts to its performance, and how you need to make an impression in the first 5 seconds of a sale
  • 00:08:35 Has the Straight Line System changed much since you developed it 32 years ago?
  • 00:11:19 How does the system change if you try to close bigger deals that take longer?
  • 00:13:53 What are some strategies that can help you shorten the sales cycle?
  • 00:18:17 Every product has its own best sales cycle
  • 00:19:30 What are some of the best ways to stop the competition from beating you at the same deal?
  • 00:20:39 What are some of the things that can kill a sale?
  • 00:23:02 Can anybody become a salesperson?
  • 00:25:16 What are the characteristics that you look for in a person when you’re hiring?
  • 00:29:57 If you’re a sales leader, what are the most important things to get right to make sure that your team is a high performance sales team?
  • 00:31:48 How important is scriptwriting?
  • 00:32:44 What are some of the metrics you track your sales team on?
  • 00:34:13 How has the investment game changed over the last 20 to 30 years?
  • 00:36:24 What are your thoughts on the blockchain space and cryptocurrency?
  • 00:40:26 Where do you see the blockchain industry going in the future?
  • 00:41:03 What do you want the listeners of this podcast to do?

Adrian Clark

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