How Brock Pierce went from child actor to crypto billionaire

In this episode we talk with Brock Pierce about his journey from child actor, to internet entrepreneur, blockchain entrepreneur, philanthroper and US presidential candidate.


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  • Bitcoin Foundation
  • Tether
  • Integro Foundation
  • The Count of Monte Cristo
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    Hosted by Alex Cleanthous.


    • 00:00:55 Brock Pierce’s introduction to the Growth Manifesto Podcast
    • 00:02:21 How Brock went from being a child actor starring in The Mighty Ducks to becoming an entrepreneur
    • 00:08:27 What was your mindset during the time you started investing in many different companies?
    • 00:10:43 Brock tells stories about his internet business ventures back in the early 2000s including his experiences with virtual currency, Google, and Alipay
    • 00:16:34 According to Brock, it is his genuine curiosity, not the money, that drives him.
    • 00:17:56 What are the best ways to use chatbots to engage with prospective customers?
    • 00:19:55 What convinced you to invest in blockchain & cryptocurrency and where do you see it going eventually?
    • 00:24:12 Brock talks about what he looks for in an opportunity before he invests and the extremely difficult yet rewarding adventure of entrepreneurship
    • 00:28:57 How do you ensure success when you venture into a novel enterprise?
    • 00:32:17 What are you hoping to achieve from the experience of running for president of the United States?
    • 00:36:03 What are you going to bring from your business career and all the lessons that you’ve learned to your presidential campaign?
    • 00:39:08 What business strategies are you going to use to compete in the political landscape?
    • 00:42:06 Is it possible for the population to get to a point where they vote for things instead of voting against things?
    • 00:47:57 Do you see the digital communities contributing to change in the political landscape?
    • 00:50:12 Brock hopes that people can find their motivation that will push them enough to be one of the agents of change for good in our world today.
    • 00:52:40 Brock tells us about the Integro Foundation for Puerto Rico
    • 00:55:52 What are some of the strategies that you would advise to other people running foundations that would help them have the biggest impact?
    • 01:02:16 Quickfire Questions with Brock Pierce
    • 01:06:05 What’s the one action you’d like the people viewing this to take?
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