How Bellroy built a global DTC brand in the carry goods space

In this episode we talk with Andy Fallshaw – Co-Founder and CEO at Bellroy, a company that specialises in producing high quality, wallets, bags and accessories – about how they leveraged DTC marketing to build a global accessory brand that’s generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.


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Hosted by Alex Cleanthous.


  • 00:00:00  Introduction of Andy Fallshaw
  • 00:00:39  Andy’s background and founding Bellroy
  • 00:02:05  Bellroy’s mission
  • 00:03:50  Bellroy’s unique product design
  • 00:06:15  Bellroy’s approach to customer feedback and experience
  • 00:08:40 Bellroy’s marketing strategies and how they implement them
  • 00:10:10  How did Andy create a successful brand?
  • 00:10:40  Bellroy’s focus on sustainability
  • 00:11:40  Why did Andy choose to start a brand focused on slim wallets?
  • 00:12:50  Bellroy’s company culture and values
  • 00:15:50  When did Bellroy start to gain traction and become successful?
  • 00:16:50  The challenges of growing a company
  • 00:18:55  Bellroy’s expansion into new markets
  • 00:20:40  Bellroy’s pandemic response and remote work
  • 00:23:05 The importance of understanding customer needs
  • 00:26:10 Bellroy’s approach to innovation and new product development
  • 00:28:40 The role of feedback loops in product development
  • 00:31:13  What are some of the core values and principles that drive Bellroy’s success?
  • 00:31:39  Which feedback loops does Bellroy use to course correct as they go?
  • 00:32:31  The importance of focusing on the customer and brand story
  • 00:33:18  How to find Bellroy products


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