How do I judge the success of an email marketing campaign?

Whichever email provider you use to send out emails, there’ll be three metrics they provide in analytics, and together these show the strength of your email campaign:

  1. Open rate: This metric tells you how many of the people that you’ve emailed have actually opened the email. It’s an important metric, because if open rates are low it means people aren’t interested in your brand. So either you need to improve their awareness of your brand, or you simply need to make your email headlines more interesting and targeted.
  2. Click Through Rate (CTR): This metric tells you how many people have actually clicked through to your website from your email. If this number is low it means the content in your email isn’t interesting or compelling enough.
  3. Unsubscribes: This is the scary metric. If your number of unsubscribers are equal to or outpacing your number of new subscribers, it means there’s something genuinely wrong with your brand. You’ll need to take a look at the whole business to understand why you’re losing customers.

    Once you get an effective and well-targeted email marketing campaign established, you’ll find there are few digital marketing options that are as effective in maintaining existing customers. And as the old saying goes, there’s much greater value in keeping an existing customer than constantly trying to find new customers. Web Profits has all the information you need on how to build you your email database, and fast.

Duncan Jones

Duncan Jones

Head of Strategy + Growth at Web Profits
Duncan has been building websites and online businesses since the days of the 56k modem and made his first $1 online from annoying popup ads. With over 10 years experience, he leads Strategy + Growth at Web Profits and still loves the thrill of launching digital marketing campaigns, getting the first conversion and then rapidly optimising and scaling them for clients across the company.

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